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Coastal Children’s Contact Service assist separated parents and their children in establishing and maintaining positive, safe and healthy contact, which remains vitally important for the happiness and well-being of all involved, and crucial to the child’s emotional health and future. We facilitate safe transfers of children from one parent to the other in the case of separated parents experiencing high levels of conflict.

Our primary focus is the safety well-being and needs of the children and access will be held in accordance with court orders, and within a neutral, non-threatening location.

Supervised contact minimizes the risk to children being caught in the middle of disagreements and ensuring contact is appropriate and not detrimental to the children’s sense of safety.

The role of the supervisor in Supervised Contact is to facilitate the changeover between the residential parent and the visiting parent and then observing and taking notes about the parties interaction, what is said, done and observed.  The supervisor does not provide suggestions. Direct support or intervene in anyway, unless the parent fails to comply with the Service Agreement or does/says something contrary to the welfare of the children.

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