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We are just as concerned about your children’s health and safety with the Corona-Pandemic as you are. Our first priority for Supervised visits during COVID-19 is the safety & wellbeing of your children.


To ensure that the visits are able to proceed further and the wellbeing of your children, yourself, your family and our supervisors can be assured, we have applied stricter measurements than only following the Government guidelines. 


Supervised Visits, Handovers and Coronavirus

Supervised visits and handovers during COVID-19 are allowed to continue as per parent agreement and court order. 


PLEASE NOTE: General fears of a COVID-19 infection are not a valid reason to cancel a visit. Parents to cancel a visit “just” because of coronavirus-fears risk being in breach of the court-order as social-distancing rules don’t apply to parents and their children.

Supervised Visits, Handovers and Social Distancing 

The general rules for social distancing DO NOT apply to visits between parents and their children. 

  • Social distancing obviously does not apply to the contact between children and their parents. 

  • To ensure that social distancing is strictly followed, we have excluded third parties from the visits.

  • We also limited the meeting locations for handovers and supervised visits. 

  • Wherever possible our supervisors will keep a safe distance of at least 1.5 meters to all parties.


Social Distancing and Transport
We still offer transport of the children in the car. However we obviously cannot keep a distance of 1.5m in the car. If that is ok with you, nothing changed.  If you are not comfortable with the lack of Social Distancing during transport in the car, you are welcome to transport your children yourself to a location close to the meeting point.


COVID-19 – Further Information


  • This is a Guide for Separated Parents during Covid-19

Law Council of Australia:  Top Ten Guide for Separated Parents during Covid19


  • This is a comic for children explaining the coronavirus


  • Here is a 4-minute animated clip for children on coronavirus

  • The latest information on the virus, preventative measures and on what to do if your child becomes sick, you find here:


Questions and Answers Regarding Supervised visits during COVID-19 

Q.: My parents haven’t seen the children in a long time and were planning to join us for the next visit, can they still come along?

In times of social distancing, we need to ask every parent and guardian to help to minimise exposure. For that reason, we will not allow anyone but the visiting parents and the children to be present at the visits. Unfortunately, this includes relatives, grandparents and new partners. The supervisor will ask them to leave immediately if necessary.


Q.: What can I do to ensure the safety of my children in the corona-crisis?

As a parent, you need to make sure that you and your children following strict handwashing routines. It is mandatory to wash the hands thoroughly at the beginning and the end of each visit and in particular before eating foods. We also expect you as a parent to follow the government rules for social distancing: Visits to your house should be kept to a minimum and with a very small number of guests. It is mandatory that all parents follow these rules to ensure the safety of the children and your families in every situation.

Health Conditions & Supervised Visits

Q.: I am worried because my child has asthma, a weak immune system. Is it safe for my child to attend the visits or should I rather keep my child at home?

The coronavirus is particularly worrying if your children have prior health issues like asthma, a weak immune system etc. However, as a service provider, we put the children’s safety first, but it is your decision if you send your child. Nevertheless, the supervisor will cancel a visit if they find either parent not to follow the safety measures.


Q.: My child has a bit of a cold; can I still send them to a visit?

If you or your children display cold or flu-like symptoms, if you have a cough, a fever, or temperature, a runny nose or feel generally unwell: Please, for the health of everyone, do not send them, even it is a hard thing to do.


No one is able to attend a visit who is displaying any flu-like symptoms: neither children nor parents. The supervisor will ask them to leave immediately or stop the visit if necessary.


Q: How do you ensure social distancing is followed strictly?

Social distancing does not apply between children and their parents. To ensure that social distancing is strictly followed, we have excluded third parties from the visits and limited the meeting locations for handovers and supervised visits. Wherever possible our supervisors will keep a safe distance of at least 1.5 meters to all parties. In addition, it is your responsibility to decide whether you will allow any transport as it is obvious that we are not able to keep the social distancing of 1.5m in a car.


Q.: What are safe meeting places for supervised visits? We recommend meeting your children at your home. Should this be not an option, we will conduct the visits at the Ballina playroom and in open spaces. Due to Government restrictions, we can no longer permit visits at play-centres, McDonald’s, any other public indoor location and playgrounds.


Q.: Do you still accept new clients for supervised visits during COVID-19 pandemic? 

Yes we are still taking new clients onboard. Prior to commencing any of our services, both adults involved must have completed an intake assessment interview. 


We as a service will do our utmost best to be there for you and your children. All we can ask is that you do the same and make the right decision.

Stay safe, stay home.


If you have questions regarding supervised visits during COVID-19, handovers or other child contact service related queries, that we have not answered, email us at

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